semi gantry crane

semi gantry crane for sale
  • Loading Capacity: 0.5~16t
  • Lifting Height: 6~12m
  • Span: 5~20m
  • Power Supply: 220 ~ 440V, 50/60Hz,3 Phase
  • Working Temperature: -20-40 ℃

When you want a crane lifting solution that only covers part of your premises, semi gantry crane is a good choice. Compared with traditional gantry crane which tends to span the entire width of a warehouse, semi gantry cranes can extend to a specific area or a particular workstation. Because of the special semi gantry crane design, not only does this let you better achieve your goals, but also keeps costs down. Another price reducing factor is that semi gantry cranes require fewer supporting columns.

Our semi gantry crane matching with CD1, MD1 and other types of electric hoist, is a kind of track running crane, which is chiefly used in material handling in machine shop, for example, loading and unloading in stations, wharves, warehouses and freight yard, construction site, cement products field, mechanical or structural assembly field, etc. Since TICO established, we have been dedicated to design, manufacturing and supplying reliable semi gantry crane to the customers with good performance and reasonable prices. This semi port crane is one of most favorable products in our factory, and it has been exported to many countries. Owing a group of professional technicians and skilled workers, TICO has been keeping favored and applauded by the customers for many years.

Semi gantry crane design features

  • Semi gantry crane mechanical structure is mainly composed of: bridge frame, crane traveling mechanism, trolley part and electrical part.
  • Bridge frame of semi port crane is mainly composed of: main beam, upper cross beam, lower cross beam, unilateral leg, ladder platform and other components.
  • Between the main beam and the transverse end beam using of high strength bolts, simple structure, easy to install, transport and storage. Between the main beam and the two legs which symmetrically arranged on either side of the main beam fastened two flanges by bolts, and make the width between two legs with narrow upper while wide lower, it forms "A"-shaped structure, improving the crane stability.
  • Electrical protection system of TICO semi gantry crane including short-circuit protection, no-voltage protection, emergency power off switch protection, overload limiter protection, travel limit protection, phase failure, phase error, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, grounding protection.
semi gantry crane design drawing with all specifications
Semi Gantry Crane Design Drawing

TICO Semi gantry crane Promise and services

  • Responsible for commissioning, inspection and acceptance until the equipment is running normally.
  • The guarantee period is 18 months after running normally or 24 months after the date of delivery of the goods.
  • Ensure that the equipment is new, not used, made of qualified manufacturing processes and materials.
  • In the equipment guarantee period, due to equipment design, manufacturing or installation quality problems, we promise to give a reply within 24 hours.
  • Provide samples with  preferential price and free technical services.
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