a frame gantry crane

A frame gantry crane for sale
  • Types: mobile A frame gantry crane, fixed A frame gantry crane
  • Lifting Capacity: 5~50t (mobile), 5~320t (fixed)
  • Standards: GB/T 3811、GB/T 14406、GB 6067.1;European Transport Association standards; other international standards; Custom your own standards.

A frame gantry crane is suitable for general transport, loading, unloading and lifting work in outdoor yard and railway. Digested foreign advanced technology, combined with China's supporting level, integrated years of experiences in A frame gantry crane design and manufacturing, TICO A frame crane is particularly suitable for lifting and handling of both small and large tonnage items. All of our A frame gantry crane design is accordance with GB/T 3811、GB/T 14406、GB 6067.1, as well as reference to foreign A frame gantry crane standards and the European Transport Association standards for gantry crane.

TICO A frame gantry crane specification options

Mobile A frame gantry crane

Known as a small gantry crane for lighter duty material lifting with wide applications. Thanks to our custom A frame gantry crane design ability, we can provide various of specifications within the range of 5~50t.

Fixed A frame gantry crane

Suitable for heavy duty lifting requirements, which greatly make up for the ability lack of simple crane in lifting the heavy materials. You can choose TICO fixed A frame crane with lifting capacity of 5~320t.

fixed a frame double girer gantry crane
mobile a frame gantry crane for sale
Fixed A Frame Gantry Crane
Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane

Excellent A frame gantry crane design features

  • High security, reliable performance. Thanks to the successful application technology got from TICO years of experiences in gantry crane design and manufacturing at home and abroad, the main hoisting mechanism adopts unit structure, hardened reducer, and drum coupling. High safety, reliable performance, stable.
  • The whole height is low. The crane operation surface adopts European structure, reasonable drum diameter, pulley block ratio and reducer supporting structure, so that the hook operation service of TICO A frame gantry crane are significantly increased than that of the ordinary A frame crane. The height of our A frame gantry crane can be reduced by more than 1m under the same lifting height.
  • Reliable structure, light weight, reasonable load, small foundation bearing. TICO A frame gantry crane design adopts a new type gantry frame, so that improve the rigidity of the A frame gantry frame. Thanks to a number of technical measures, TICO can ensure the wheel load of each A frame gantry crane is uniform, the weight of the whole gantry crane is reduced by more than 15%, and the maximum wheel pressure is reduced by 10% to 20%.
  • High manufacturing precision, beautiful appearance. Holistically manufacture the support and reaming holes of the whole trolley, reducing the manufacture deviation of welding process. The manufacture precision is high, and the installation precision of each A frame gantry crane component is improved, the occurrence of the phenomenon of the trolley rail and the three supporting points is avoided.
  • High accuracy of electrical control, perfect protection device. Our A frame gantry crane adopts AC frequency conversion PLC control program, the mechanism action is more accuracy. At the same time, each TICO A frame crane is equipped with a sound mechanical and electrical protection devices, such as the overload limiter of main and auxiliary hook, the height limiter of main and auxiliary hook, etc.
  • Modular design. TICO A frame gantry cranes have been modular, with years of experiences in A frame gantry crane design and manufacture, we have formed several fixed series of products. The design of all new cranes are developed on the basis of mature series of cranes, the product performance is reliable.
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