portable gantry crane


portable Gantry Crane design with light frame
  • Types: portable gantry crane with adjustable height; portable gantry crane with adjustable span
  • Lifting Capacity: up to 4t
  • Total Adjustable Height Variation: 1m
  • Features: lightweight, portable, and extremely stable bearing capacity

Portable gantry crane is a more and more popular light gantry crane because of the needs of handling equipment, warehouse, lifting heavy equipment maintenance and material transport in the middle or small factory, shop front, outdoors, etc. Because of the light portable gantry frame design, portable gantry crane is suitable in the industry of making mould, mobile breakdown service factory, mine, construction site and some other occasions where needs lifting.  It is convenient to move to any places, like small pellet machines with diesel engine.

Introduction of portable gantry crane

As the special portable gantry frame is light, portable gantry crane has characters of lightweight, portable, and extremely stable under load. And the most outstanding advantage of portable gantry crane design is that it can easily move all over the direction because of a lighter crane structure, and the portable gantry frame is convenient to assemble and disassemble, what’s more, the floor area is limited, just a small car can transport portable gantry crane to another place. Not only the weight but also the span can be adjusted. So it is especially suitable for the installation, transportation and debugging of equipments in the workshop.

A disassembled portable gantry crane is easily to move up stairways, onto roofs, or other places by one or two workers. And it is effective to assemble the disassembled crane to be able to precisely position heavy objects.

TICO portable gantry crane design features

  • There are two types of portable gantry cranes: crane with adjustable height and crane with adjustable spans. Our load capacity can up to 4000kg and an adjustable height in steps of 100mm, up to a total variation of 1m.
  • TICO portable gantry crane can realize horizontal adjustment, quickly and infinitely adjustable. Thanks to TICO unique portable gantry crane design, the portable gantry crane is easily handled and moved by the workers due to each of the legs collapses for ease of transport.
  • The portable gantry crane provides an economical way to lift materials anywhere. As the gantry frame is light, you can move the gantry crane freely around your working area with the help of casters. This is a more cost-effective lifting solution for areas of infrequent lifts than a more expensive permanent structure.
More detailed information, please look at portable gantry crane here.
portable gantry crane with light structure
portable gantry crane structure
portable gantry frame

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