rubber tyred gantry crane

rubber tired gantry crane design
  • Lifting Capacity: 40 t
  • Span: more than 23 m
  • Lifting Height: 15.4 ~ 18.2 m

Rubber tire gantry (RTG) crane, like the rail mounted gantry crane, is a kind of container crane. It generally includes the following units: steel frame, hoisting mechanism, minimum slewing mechanism, and spreader anti-shaking mechanism, crane travel mechanism, turning mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, container spreader, diesel generating sets, electrical equipment and other accessory equipments for safety.

Resources are limited and the rational use of resources is a common responsibility. Based on this idea, TICO has been soliciting feedback and opinions from end users. Based on this data , our experts have improved our rubber tyred gantry crane.

TICO new rubber tyred gantry crane is benefit for your lifting solution

Traditional RTG crane factors that go against the client’s benefit:
  • Too heavy: This results in more energy consumption and tyre damage.
  • Asymmetric dynamic tyre load: Result in gantry deviation and tyre damage.
  • Unnecessary and complicated technical data: Resulting in more training cost and energy consumption.
  • Complex component configurations: Bringing higher purchase and operation cost along with longer spare parts waiting time.

Thanks to excellent rubber tire gantry (RTG) crane design, our RTG crane can meet all kinds of port and terminal requirements. Compared with the traditional RTG crane, it has obvious economic efficiencies. The rated load under spreader, the dead weight, has reduced 15% compared with other comparable RTG products. Our rubber tire gantry crane delivers optimized design, high performance, lighter weight, short delivery cycle, more economical operation, easier maintenance, low energy consumption and high reliability. Furthermore, clients could select from a range of optional functionalities. Production can be assembled to meet customer requirements more precisely.

TICO rubber tyre gantry crane features

100t rubber tyred gantry crane for sale
  • Simultaneous drive motion
  • Rigid robust structure
  • Direct driven travel systems
  • 1 gantry drive per corner
  • Hoist ropes reeved directly to the telescopic spreader
  • Gantry align steering

Advantages and Benefits of rubber tyre gantry (RTG) crane

all rubber tyred gantry crane specificatoin
  • Exceptional anti-sway performance
  • Accurate spreader positioning - no headblock - better visibility
  • No headblock, reduced tare weight
  • Increased productivity compared with alternative designs
  • Smooth gantry operation
  • Improved performance where high winds prevail
  • Optimum design for automation
  • Low maintenance and spare part costs
  • Lower energy and fuel costs
  • Spreader sideshift eliminated due to simultaneous motion
  • In-house expertise and excellent after sales service

rubber tyred gantry crane specification

Technical Specification
Capacity of Spreader t 30.5 35 40.5
Working Duty A6 A6 A6 A6
Span(m) S 23.47 23.47 23.47
Base(m) B 7.4 7.4 7.5
Lifting Height(m) H 15.4 15.4 18.2
Speed Hoisting With Full Load m/min 12 12 23
Only with Spreader 24 24 48
Trolley 70 70 70
Travelling With Full Load 45 45 45
Only with Spreader 90 90 90
Grab Speed(m/min) L 104 160 210
H1 104 130 150
L1 80 130 150
L2 120 160 210
Trolley Traveling Speed KW ~305 ~305 ~400
Gantry Traveling Speed KVA ~518 ~595 ~720
Cabin Traveling Speed KN 273 287 320

You can click here to watch our RTG rubber tyred gantry crane vedio.

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