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Tianjin Anson International Co. Ltd (TICO), founded in 1995, is one of the leading overhead gantry crane manufacturers in China. Our leading products include all kinds of bridge cranes, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, electric hoist, etc., and providing supporting lifting solution services for machinery, metallurgy, electric power, railways, aerospace, mining, ports, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Since TICO founded, we began to devote ourselves to the gantry crane design and manufacture, which has been a history of more than 30 years. Thanks to the decades of experiences in overhead gantry crane design and manufacturer, we now have the ability to offer various of container gantry crane, semi gantry crane, portable gantry crane, etc, services include gantry crane design, manufacturer, installation, and maintenance. We are confident that we are one of the fastest growth and largest gantry crane manufacturers in China heavy industry. Thanks to the excellent quality and good reputation of TICO overhead gantry crane, TICO quality gantry cranes have been exported worldwide, especially we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers in Southeast Asian countries. Europe, Africa, etc.

TICO classic gantry cranes:


Technical support

TICO set up a professional research and development laboratory composed with professional technicians, another important product, pellet machines also have R & D department, adopts high-tech gantry crane design software, high-tech achievements in the development of market demanded overhead gantry cranes, in order to meet the needs of market segmentation, and try new breakthroughs in environmental protection, safety, intelligence, striving to walk in the forefront of the crane industry.

The system consists of: technical design department, light crane design department, electrical design department, research laboratory, and technology department. The technical team, which consists of more than 60 senior technical staff, is the leading force to develop gantry crane and meet the needs of individual users. Focus on the world's advanced technology is the goal of product development.

We are proud to have a strong high quality technical service team, under the guidance of experienced expert instructors, we can ensure that your overhead gantry crane can be operated normally with the maximum duration time.

International cooperation

As the constant expansion of our reputation in the world, more and more crane companies and users visit TICO and have technical exchanges and cooperation with us. At the same time, TICO is also more aggressively out of the country to promote our overhead gantry cranes, and learn crane design and manufacturing experience from the world's top crane manufacturers.

Advanced with the times, our professional gantry crane design and manufacture team can promise you the best excellent overhead gantry crane for you lifting solution!

Iran customer visit and communicate with TICO technicians
ABM president visit and exchange
Indian Tata group customer visit TICO
Technical communication with Demag company
Sign strategic cooperation agreement with Spain GH company
Russian customer visit TICO

Advanced equipment

Welding robot Japanese Koike flame cutting machine
Floor Type Boring-milling
Gantry type double head welding
CNC Vertical Machining Center


Gantry crane ordering instructions

About gantry crane: please let us know the following information so that we can confirm your requirement more quickly!

  1. Lifting capacity
  2. Span
  3. Lifting height
  4. Whether need external cantilever (please provide external cantilever length)
  5. Do you need guide rail and cable (please provide run length)
  6. Other special requirements

If you have more details, please tell us, we will be more accurate to give the price!

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