Great Wind Turbine Crane for Wind Turbine Maintenance

wind turbine maintenanceWind energy is an important resource to help human beings to realize carbon dioxide emission reduction and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. To make better use of wind energy, wind turbines are the foundation. Large wind turbines usually touch the sky, the maintenance of its key components is almost inaccessible. The generators with air leakage, the damaged gearbox and so on, will let the wind turbine work efficiency drops even can not work normally.

At present, the top parts of wind turbine are installed by the large movable crane, at the same time, these cranes are also responsible for the maintenance of these parts. It is difficult to transport these large cranes to the site, the assembly cycle is long, the workload is big, and the rental cost is also very expensive. The top of the wind turbine is 70m ~ 105m from the ground, where the wind speed is large, crane is easy to be affected by wind speed, and it is often to occur the condition that the crane can not work properly due to high wind speed.

TICO new product, self - lifting high - level intelligent wind turbine crane, can replace the large crane to carry on the hoisting of wind power units. Self climbing method is adopted to reach the top of the tower, which is fixed itself on the outer wall of the tower of the wind turbine. Use its own lifting arm, TICO wind turbine crane can lift the internal large quality and large size parts. The crane only needs a vehicle to transport to the scene, no field assembly, easy operation, low cost.

Technical characteristics of TICO wind turbine crane

Wind Turbine Crane for Wind Turbine Maintenance
  • Setting guide roller during vertical climbing process of crane, roller material is wear-resistant rubber, rolling along the surface of the drum, the surface of the column will not be scratched, does not damage the tower tube anticorrosion layer, shape, strength, service life and so on.
  • Finite element analysis of the key structure in design process, accurately calculate the stress and deformation of the structure, and obtain the high strength and low weight structure.
  • Mechanical safety protection device for clamping jaw device, when the crane is fixed on the tower, the mechanical lock is realized by the mechanical protection device, which is not controlled by the electric system, can prevent the risk because of incorrect operation and electrical system failure.
  • The clamping jaw is designed with multi - hydraulic cylinder. Pressure feedback device for contact surface design of claw and tower barrel, which will not appear the condition of loose, slip, grip is not tight, and so on; At the same time, the inner side of the claws is hard rubber material with high friction coefficient, does not damage surface corrosion protection layer, shape, strength, service life and so on. Hydraulic system controlled by pressure feedback device, the contact surface between the paw and the column can not generate too much stress, which will not damage the column or produce plastic deformation.
  • The lifting device uses the automobile crane type, technology is mature and reliable.
  • Control system using electronic control pilot control, high sensitivity, and simple operation.
  • Hydraulic system with a complete pre alarm, overload stop operating function. At the same time, it also has the function of overload memory and fault self diagnosis function.
  • The system has certain flexibility; the diameter of the tower can be adapted to the different models of the 1.5MW by replacing the parts of the claws. At the same time, modular design is adopted to meet the demand of the large scale (3MW and above) in the future.

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