Matters needing attention for gantry crane in winter

What Should be Paid Attention for Gantry Crane in Winter Winter is coming, the temperature gradually decreases, which is also a test for the gantry crane operators, it is required to make full preparations for gantry crane can be adapt the winter. Especially in the north, the temperature will drop to -30℃, which is a great challenge for the gantry crane parts, so that we should make full preparation. Now, let’s talk about the preparation work for gantry crane in the winter.

The most important four points for gantry crane in winter

Winter temperatures are generally relatively low, which requires us when we apply the lubricating oil to the wire rope, not only use grease, but also use the mixture of grease and waste engine oil, which can effectively avoid the decline difficulty caused by the viscosity increase of wire rope lubricant.

Antifreeze is an essential item for gantry crane in winter. In the purchase of antifreeze, antifreeze freezing point is an important aspect, be sure to make antifreeze to play the best results, which requires us when buying antifreeze, freezing point must be below the minimum temperature at least ten degrees, so that it can play the effect of antifreeze.

If the outdoor has been frozen, don't still spray clean the gantry crane, directly wipe with a cloth, spray cleaning is easy to appear a lot of problems, for example, it is easy to icing when the water flows to the gap between the surface, affecting the overall operation, shorten the service life of gantry crane, delay the overall duration of the project.

If the device does not work for a long time, disconnect the power. When the outdoor temperature is relatively low, the battery can be taken down and put in the normal temperature area. Winter idle is the choice of many cranes, then pay attention to the maintenance of the tire, in order to avoid damage to deformation.

wind proof system of gantry crane

The wind proof system of gantry crane is generally composed of a wind early warning device and a wind proof braking device.
The wind warning device shall be electrically interlocked with the buffer braking circuit of the emergency wind braking device, direct electrical interlock with emergency brake circuit is not allowed. Should be able to send sound and light alarm signal when speed up to 11m/s, when wind speed is greater than or equal to 13m/s, gantry crane can automatically cut off the power of the main engine and brake after 4s. Instrument should have the function of display wind speed, wind speed grade.

As for emergency wind proof brake device, the final result is to meet the requirement of the wheel lock, in order to realize the wheel sliding on the rail. But there are two problems in this way, on the one hand, for a gantry crane running at full speed, the maximum speed of running bridge is 0.7-1m/s, added with the acceleration of wind, it will reach the tipping speed of the gantry crane when the gantry crane is scraped for a short time, at this point, if the implementation of the emergency braking without buffering, the door will be turned over. On the other hand, at the situation when the big wheel of the gantry crane slides on the rail, in fact, it is not possible to stop the gantry crane in the shortest distance, only when the slip ratio of the wheel is controlled in the range of maximum adhesion, the effective deceleration can be implemented. What’s more, the wheel lock will exacerbate the wheel wear, the wheel circumference is not uniform, reduce service life of gantry crane. So the new braking system should adopt two staged braking mode, or ABS anti lock brake.

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