What is Gantry Crane? How Many do You Know about It?

what is gantry crane

Gantry crane is a kind of overhead crane whose horizontal bridge is set on two legs, constructed a “door frame” shape. Gantry crane runs on the ground track, is widely used in various industries, such as ground combination of power field equipment, equipment production and processing, precast of the cement frame, lifting of the object, handling train and car in the railway freight yard, lifting ship in the shipyard, lifting lock gate in the dam of hydropower station, loading and unloading containers at port terminals, lifting and carrying heavy goods inside the factory, Construction work in the construction and installation site, Accumulation of wood in the lumber storage yard. The use of gantry crane greatly reduces the labor intensity of the stevedore, improve the operating conditions of workers, Improve the production capacity and labor productivity of loading and unloading operations, gantry crane is the key lifting equipment to ensure construction quality and efficiency.

What is gantry crane type?

Gantry crane for general purpose

This crane is the most widely used, can carry a variety of items and bulk materials into pieces, TICO gantry crane lifting capacity is ranging from light lifting to heavy lifting project. Gantry crane with a grab is the highest-level gantry crane.

Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

shipbuilding gantry craneA shipbuilding gantry crane is used to assemble the hull, there are usually two lifting trolley, one of the trolley has two main hooks and runs on the orbit of the upper flange on the running bridge, the other trolley has a main hook and a auxiliary hook and runs on the orbit of the lower flange on the running bridge, in order to overturn and lift large segment of the hull. Lifting weight is generally 100~1500 t; span is 185m; lifting speed is 2 ~ 15 m / min, and there is also a micro motion speed of 0.1~0.5m/min.

Gantry Crane for Hydropower Station

This kind of gantry crane is mainly used to lift, open and close sluice gate, as well as installation operation. Lifting capacity is 80~500t, lifting speed is lower, that is 1~5m/min. Although this crane is not a regular crane, once put into use, the work is very heavy, so that it is essential to improve the work-level properly.

Container gantry crane

container gantry craneContainer gantry crane is usually used in the container terminal, it can be divided into rail mounted gantry crane and rubber tyred gantry crane. Trailer unloads the containers from the ship and transport to container yard or rear, then those containers will be stocked by container gantry crane or loading away directly, which can speed up the turnover of container gantry crane or other cranes.

Constructer of gantry crane

No matter how the form of gantry crane, its composition is mainly divided into three parts: mechanical parts, structural parts and electrical parts. Specifically, gantry crane mainly composed the gantry frame structure, trolley, running mechanism, electrical device, cabin, and other parts.

Gantry frame structure

The gantry frame structure is mainly composed of the main beam and the supporting legs. The main beam is used for supporting the loading trolley, and the supporting leg is running along the track through the supporting leg. The light gantry crane uses the single beam, the heavy gantry crane, uses the double beam. As for the supporting legs of heavy crane, one side of the supporting legs generally use rigid legs, the other side uses a flexible leg, in order to reduce the deadweight and compensate the deviation of span.


trolley of gantry craneTrolley of the double girder gantry crane is basically the same as that of bridge crane. Single main beam adopts electric hoist as a trolley, but is not a common electric hoist. Because the hook needs to be placed in the lateral beam (i.e. lateral suspension mode), the form of the trolley also has a corresponding change, in addition to the wheels that travel along the track, the horizontal or vertical roller is increased to prevent tilting and guiding.

Running bridge structure

The trolley running mechanism is the same as the bridge crane, use respectively driven. As gantry crane generally operates in open air, the lower part of the supporting leg is provided with a rail clamping device or a rail gauge. When the crane does not work or in a strong wind, with the clamping to Clamp rail, in order to prevent the crane accident by the wind.

Electrical structure


The running state of the motor is divided into two kinds, which are electric state and power generation state. In gantry crane, when the electric motor is introduced, the motor starts to run, and the electric energy can be changed into mechanical energy, this operation state is referred to as the electric state. When mechanical energy is added to the motor shaft, in addition to the loss of the motor itself, the motor can be converted into electrical energy, this state of operation is called the state of power generation. Under certain conditions, any motor can be operated by any state in the above two states.


gantry crane cabinCabin is the site where operators control the gantry crane, as the gantry crane is an important hoisting equipment for loading and unloading large goods, the operation of the crane has a direct impact on the production efficiency. Therefore, the operator has a very strict requirements, for example, familiar with the use of Longmen crane, equipment, methods of operation, lifting capacity and maintenance of knowledge, etc.

Lighting and signal

Lighting is divided into two kinds, interior lighting and working space lighting. Interior lighting includes operating room lighting, electrical equipment room lighting and hand - held inspection lamps. Due to poor illumination conditions, gantry crane in the open field work site generally often need to add 2 - 4 searchlights.

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