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Semi portal crane is a kind of portal crane, which is used for loading and unloading of goods in outdoor yard. The metal structure of semi portal crane looks like a door frame, two legs are installed under the main girder so that the crane can run along the track on the ground directly, the other end of main girder can have extended cantilever girder. Semi portal crane has the advantages of high utilization of area, large operating range, wide adaptability and strong commonality, thus semi portal crane is widely used in port loading bays.

Characteristics of our semi portal crane

  • Portal structure adopts box type double girder welding structure, which increases the working space, and is convenient for transportation, installation and maintenance.
  • Electric conduction of the trolley adopts the method of profiled rail and flexible cable electric conduction.
  • All parts of our semi portal crane is standardization, serialization, and generalization.
  • There are two types of power supply forms for user to choose, cable drum type and sliding touch line type.
  • The control cabin has a wide view, flexible control, and comfortable operation. What’s more, fans, air conditioners, intercom and other equipments can be added additionally according to customers’ requirements.

Other configurations available to users

  • Wire control on ground, which is easy to operation and control; wireless remote control, which can achieve remote control.
  • The speed regulation braking mode has pole-changing control, plug braking, dynamic braking, frequency control, and so on. Pole-changing control: Adopt double speed motor, which can achieve the conversion of fast and slow. In this scheme, the circuit is relatively simple, easy to repair, but the cost of motor is high. Plug braking: Low cost, easy maintenance, but the impact on the mechanism is large. Performance is not good in light load or low speed. Dynamic braking: Good performance, energy saving, but the cost is high, the line is more complex, and it is difficult to repair. Frequency control: Can achieve step speed regulation or stepless speed regulation, excellent energy saving and running performance, but it needs to use variable frequency motor and inverter, the cost is relatively high, and the system requires high cooling.
  • The controller adopts the linkage console, which makes the cab more compact and beautiful;
  • The open environment should be described, in order to make waterproof, windproof treatment.
  • Other viable configuration options.

single girder semi portal crane

Safety operation rules for semi portal crane

  • When the electric hoist of semi portal crane does not work, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of parts.
  • In use, electric hoist must have sufficient lubricating oil, and keep the oil clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.
  • During running of the semi portal crane, it is necessary to check the electric hoist periodically by the specialized personnel, find the fault and take measures in time.
  • When the work is completed, the power supply must be pulled off and cut off the power supply
  • Electric single girder semi portal crane should be operated by specially assigned person, and follow the operating rules strictly.
  • Newly installed electric hoist should test run for several times in the empty state. It is forbidden to power on test run before completing the installation.
  • The static load test, with a nominal load of 125% and lifted from the ground about 100 mm, should be carried out for 10 minutes before normal use, and check whether it is normal.

Ordering instructions

  • The main parameters of the crane shall be determined before ordering, lifting capacity, span, lifting height, track type specifications, etc.
  • When ordering, it is necessary to make sure that the trolley is in the form of slide wire or cable, power supply, control room and the direction of the door.


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