Five Steps Help You to Choose a Suitable Gantry Crane

how to choose a suitable gantry crane
Gantry crane is a kind of deformation of bridge crane. The metal structure of gantry crane looks like a door frame, two supporting legs are installed under the bearing main girder, which can directly run on the track of the ground, what’s more, both ends of the main girder can have overhanging cantilever girder, which can also be called a cantilever gantry crane. Gantry crane has the advantages of high utilization rate of site, wide scope of operation, wide adaptability, strong versatility and so on, has been widely used in the indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, railway transportation, port and terminal, logistics, and other departments and places.

There are various types of gantry crane, only choose a suitable gantry crane, the work will be more efficiency and cost-saving. then what can we base on to choose a suitable gantry crane? TICO will give you five reference standards for the selection of gantry crane.

step one: single girder gantry crane or double girder gantry crane?

Firstly of all, all of the alternative gantry cranes must meet the relevant standards, in China, these standards include GB/T14406—1993 and GB5905-86.

Generally, when the lifting weight is below 50t, span is less than 35m, and there is no special requirements, it is advised to use a single girder gantry crane. To the contrary, if the width of gantry leg is required large, working speed is high, or it need to lift heavy load and large-sized object, then the double girder gantry crane is an ideal choice.

single girder gantry crane
double girder gantry crane

step two: determination principle of wheel distance

  • It can meet the requirement of the stability of the gantry crane along the direction of the track.
  • Dimension of cargos can be smoothly through the legs of flat steel.
  • Pay attention that there is a proportional relationship between track B and S span, general track B= (1/4 - 1/6) S.

step three: distance determination of gantry crane

During operation, a certain space dimension should be left between the external size of the gantry crane and the cargo and the transport vehicles, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. In general, during the loading and unloading of the transport truck, it should keep a distance more than 0.7m between the truck and the gantry leg. hen not working, the slings should keep a distance more than 0.5m with the transport truck. When the cargo pass the gantry leg, it should keep a distance more than 0.5m.

choose reasonable length of cantilever for your gantry crane

step four: span & cantilever length

Span of gantry crane is an important fact that effects the quality itself. When choosing the span, under the premise of meeting the use of equipment and the standard of span series, the span should be reduced as far as possible.

The span of double girder gantry crane is an important factor to affect the quality of the crane. During loading and unloading, the transport truck should keep a distance that at least 0.7m with the gantry leg. When not working, the slings should keep a distance more than 0.5m with the transport truck.

step five: selection of electric equipment for gantry crane

It shall conform to the relevant standard of the general purpose gantry crane GB/T14406 - 1993.

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