Application of Automation Products on Gantry Crane Has Great Potential

Application of automation products on gantry crane has great potential

The application of automation products in lifting machinery industry has great potential, which is the development direction of PLC products in the gantry crane industry. Firstly, Under the premise of meeting the technical conditions, it is recommended to use the PLC has been used, so that not only it is easy maintain, but also to achieve resource sharing. In general, the switch quantity signal provided by limit switch, proximity switch and other external connected electrical components have no strict requirements to cable, so you can choose the general cable. In the case of the signal transmission, can choose shielded cable. Most of the PLC control system failure rate is caused by the external sensor fault, in particular, a number of mechanical type travel switch, limit switch failure rate is often much higher than the PLC itself, so the corresponding measures should be taken in the design of control system, such as use high performance proximity switch to replace the mechanical type travel limit switches, and other measures.

Since 1980s, gantry crane industry has been developed rapidly in China, in recent years, the sales of gantry crane continue to climb. But can not be ignored is that the domestic model is relatively concentrated, the market competition pressure is big, is not conducive to the development of the industry, which requires a series of reforms. At the same time, product quality is uneven, the market access restrictions are not strict. In the new standard, expand the scope of use standard, which is easy to connect with the international. At the same time, it also increased the requirements of some organizations, security devices, technical information, etc, which will increase the bargaining chip to a certain extent for the domestic products in the international competition.

Most of the gantry cranes in China are small and medium-sized, because most of the overall cost of small and medium-sized gantry crane is not high, if adopts the inverter, PLC and other automation products, it will significantly increase the cost, so the current application of automation products in gantry crane industry is very low. The whole gantry crane market, application of frequency ratio is about 11.2%, speed control mode is mainly adopts two speed / multi speed motor or series resistance speed control. A considerable part of gantry crane also adopts the, but the application of inverter in small gantry crane is also very low, most of which adopt dual speed / multi speed motor or series resistance speed control. The development trend of large-scale tower crane will further promote the application of inverter and other automation products, at the same time, the development potential of the portal crane market also provides a great space for the development of the inverter.

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